Mentors are a valuable source of knowledge whether for personal or career growth, they have experienced similar milestones and play a valuable role in the lives of people looking to unlock new levels of success.


About MentorPoint

MentorPoint is an online mentorship platform for everyone in Nigeria. With this platform you can choose mentors who will give you the best insight into your current phase in life or career level and help navigate you through it. MentorPoint is the bridge between mentee and mentors in Nigeria.


The Problem

The constant nature of man is to evolve and the introduction of a worldwide pandemic seems to hasten up the process. Many Nigerian youths living in the country have considered switching careers especially into the tech world. With this new development, youths are looking for someone to guide them in their career switch and this has proven difficult due to the lack of a platform dedicated to this purpose where they can find experts in different fields that are willing to take a chance on them.


The Solution

* To design a platform where users can search for experts in certain field to guide them.

* To design a platform that allow users have access to both informal and formal mentorship. Informal mentorship      may involve voice or video calls, texts, or email to your mentor when you need guidance. Formal mentorship may have a defined schedule that details the specific date and time to meet.


Design Process





User Summary

I conducted user interviews, created personas, empathy maps, and competitive audit to understand the needs of the users I am designing for. A primary user group identified through research were young Nigerians that needs the guidance of an expert to navigate their chosen career part.


Competitive Audit


User Persona


Empathy Map


User Pain Points





In this phase, I used all information gathered in the previous phase to build a big picture storyboard where I focused on the user experience. I thought about how the user would interact with this product in their day to day activities and how helpful this product will be.


User Journey Map




How Might We Questions


Crazy 8 Sketching


Paper Wireframes

Addressing user pain points has always been the number one goal of this website. Efforts were made to draft well-suited screens of the app on paper, so as to address these pain points.


Information Architecture





Low-Fidelity Design & Prototype

To view the Lo-Fi Prototype, Click Here


First Round Usability Study

I conducted two rounds of usability studies with 7 participants of different genders and race in each study. Findings from the first study helped guide the designs from wireframes to mockups.

In this usability study, users wanted to know our reason for having “Top Mentors” on the homepage. I decided to add big brands that some of these mentors are working for. This gives the users a sense of closure and belief that they will get the best of the best on our platform. Also, some users showed concern that the platform might not give them what they really want and the fact they can not see reviews on the homepage. I decided to show users the number of people that sign up to our platform daily and also show the level of experience our mentors possess. By doing all these, the users feel safe to apply on our platform.




Second Round Usability Study

In this second study, users showed concern in regard to payment; They don’t want to pay before booking a mentor because their application might get rejected even after they’ve paid. Also, users pointed out that the payment structure hinders them from applying to multiple mentors at once.

Using this information which the users provided, I decided to revise this platform from monthly payment to subscription basis. By doing this, the users get to subscribe to the platform for as long as they want, send applications to multiple mentors at once, and not get worried about paying each time they want to request for a new mentor.

To view the Hi-Fi Prototype, Click Here


Responsive Hi-Fi Designs